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Shortly after the Agency was conceived and licensed, Madden sought to surround himself with a team of talented professionals that would head-up the Agency and in so doing, one name kept coming to his mind. It was Marisela D’Baldriche, a veteran Cuban-American Entertainment Industry professional in Florida, who had been a strategic alliance partner of his for years and was well versed in versatile capacities as a Producer, Marketing, and overall Entertainment Executive and who was also Talent herself, with many credits to her name. He knew that Marisela ‘s years of business acumen, integrity, and experience in the TV & Film industry, having worked in various capacities on both sides of the camera herself, would be a tremendous asset to the firm, and so he reached out to her at her Versatile Group Company, which she Founded in 2005, as a multimedia production entertainment and marketing company with a one source approach with versatile resources and , made her an offer to merge her versatile talent with his and asked her to become a full partner as President of the talent division, which they later named TransMedia Versatile Talent Agency, (TVT). Madden then did what he does best, he pinned that story to the media and let the world know that TVT Agency was born with a versatile new paradigm approach towards talent representation, as the first Agency with the professional capacity to spin talent careers with Publicity, which is ultimately what make talented people be able to reach their stars in today’s competitive arenas, especially when they are given the opportunity to perform and reign at their highest potential.

Tom Madden
CEO Transmedia Group


Telling Tom Madden to stop spinning is like telling the Federal Government to stop spending. Madden is the quintessential “Spin Man,” the title of his engaging memoir recounting his rise from newspaper reporter to the pinnacle of network TV before launching his own PR firm.

Madden’s popular blog MaddenMischief has led to his third book entitled “Is There Enough Brady in Trump to Win the inSUPERable Bowl?” available at His second book, murder mystery comedy thriller “King of the Condo,” is based on his grueling experience as condo president.

Madden was Vice President, Assist to the President of NBC under then CEO Fred Silverman, for whom Madden wrote speeches when he was Director of PR Planning at American Broadcasting Companies. When television wunderkind Silverman became CEO of NBC, Madden was the only ABC executive he took with him.

Corporate titans like the Chairman of Kellogg’s Company looked to Madden to write influential speeches for them that were reprinted in The New York Times and other publications.

When he launched TransMedia Group in Manhattan, the boutique firm landed the largest company in America at the time as its first client—AT&T. Madden helped Ma Bell through its tumultuous divestiture period, guiding then besieged chairman Charley Brown through the media underbrush up to a safe clearing where the company reinvented itself.

Madden has won many awards including the Public Relations Society of America’s Bronze Anvil for a PR campaign he conducted for The City of New York. Rexall Sundown Founder Carl DeSantis credits Madden’s publicity for the firm’s spectacular success, culminating in DeSantis selling the company in 2000 for $1.6 billion.

When Madden’s not generating publicity, he keeps inventing and patenting things like his Knife and Forklift, 1.5 lb. dumbbells with utensils sticking out. He calls them training wheels for overeaters and sold tons of them.


561-750-9800 x2210

Adrienne Mazzone
President of TransMedia Group

Adrienne oversees both TransMedia’s domestic and expanding international operations. Adrienne is widely respected and considered one of the most creative and resourceful minds in Public Relations Strategy. As President of TransMedia, she leads and advances the vision of the firm headquartered in Boca Raton, where she enjoys adding new and innovative services such as the recent product distribution division. Adrienne’s goals have always been to keep good standing relationships with clients by giving even more value to by going above the media exposures and targeting each clients individual goals. Adrienne has a resourceful team that she works closely with along with for media and her personal contacts and strategic affiliates hit those added goals.

Adrienne has many years of PR experience that began at age 16 in the music business with her first PR hit, 80’s Pop Star Cindy Lauper sitting on Rick Derringer’s lap in the famous RockBill Magazine, while assisting in promoting all on-air personalities for NY’s #1 Rock Radio station 102.7, Adrienne’s experience quickly grew.

Adrienne utilized her extensive media contacts and background as publicist and agent for her own two children, Jake and Sirena Mazzone, booking them in various acting and modeling gigs which then landed them onto sets for various episodes in the worldwide viewed Sopranos, Law & Order and other productions and publications such as Reader’s Digest and Newsweek Magazine. This created an entertainment route to market for properties in the film and film festival arena in which she’s spearheaded PR for such as the, then, iconic Palm Beach International Film Festival and earlier the Israeli Film Festival. This experience has also helped shape the growing TransMedia’s Talent Division.

Over the years, Mazzone has successfully achieved goals for many clients from arranging prominent galas for the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation’s, a national 501c3, that raised substantial funds, celebrity filled Golf Tournaments, Concerts and fashion show luncheons at the iconic Ritz-Carlton. Mazzone also secured talent as spokespeople, locations for events or film projects, secured crews for production, product placement in film and event spotlights as well as independent award winning films, TV segments, Infomercials, as well as live presentations, seminars and panels at Global summits.

Adrienne was the first to introduce film to the Global Music Summit in NYC with a filmmakers panel that morphed in a seminar twice the size. On a book tour with Walter Shaw’s “A License to Steal” she was instrumental in selling 50,000 books in the first month from all the exposure generated. Adrienne has facilitated sales for many varieties of art at various galleries and has successfully merged brands.

From Arrivals of “Oceans of Hope” at Bahia Mar Yacht Club to Boca’s Got Talent & Scavenger Hunt; Diamond in the City of Boca Raton earned widespread awareness to the area. Other clients such as Wellness & Hormone Centers of America™, Hatfields & McCoys Foundation,, Ticktin Law Group **LAW Campaign and recently one of the ultimate honors in her PR career, Bernice King, daughter of Martin Luther King and the 50th Anniversary of the famous Delray Beach St. Patrick’s Day Parade which happens to be her birthday! For many years, Adrienne worked The Inventor’s Society of South Florida Expo.

Mazzone’s own writings have been published in The Entreprenette Gazzette, COMMPR.Biz (a few times)as well as cited (page20) in many articles that appeared in MEDILL Reports,,, Million Dollar PR Advice and quoted in for her fundraising advice, for event advice and for press release advice. And she has been guest discussing PR on The Jimmy Starr Show and STUPH Files with Peter Anthony Holder. In addition, Adrienne is editor of a health-related newsletter, Mazzone is a member of the Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce and Global Trade Chamber Business, Listed in Who’s Who Of American Women, Who’s Who In America, Who’s Who In Finance & Business, Manchester Who’s Who Among Executive and Professional Women“Honors Edition” — tries to stay neutral with politics unless it makes for a great story and tweets (#10) frequently from both @adriennemazzone and @transmediagroup

Mazzone is a networking maven where almost any event, people think she’s in charge, is a motorcycle enthusiast (2016 Indian Scout) that loves to ride to work, Co-Founder of a riding club in South Florida with over 60 riders and growing and she is also an avid animal lover who seeks a better image for pit bulls.

Jake Mazzone

As a dedicated artist, I look at how people transformed the world that we live in through the use of art. The first thing that I think of while studying people that have influenced the world are: What am I meant to do? How can I change the world? And the answer that I have found is: Fashion Photography.

I discovered this interest of mine while researching Vogue’s past photographers Richard Avedon and Helmut Newton. They both carried a uniquely attractive way of capturing their subjects which were able to stand the test of time.

In my attempt to accomplish this, I will be using strobe lighting combined with natural lighting to achieve an almost fantasy-like scene in which a model will be illuminated and portrayed with an eternal beauty. Not only will lighting be a factor, but shooting on location in the actual world will add a sense of truth to the scenes; containing authenticity that is far from anything that can be portrayed in a studio or through the use of digital manipulation. With the right angles and cropping techniques, I plan to transform and dissect the world we live in today through my photographs.

Heavy contrast between my subject and their surroundings will be achieved through the use of a low aperture/high focal lens and a variety of after-edit techniques. This will create a gap between the energy that the model carries and the world around him/her. Furthering the viewers distance from their perception of reality and the levels in which we can achieve as human beings.

I like to think of myself as an artist who was born into a long line of creative people in my family. My great grandfather, William J. Madden was a master violinist who was born in New York City, studied at Juilliard, and performed on many of the world’s great stages including Carnage Hall. He then passed down his artistic talent to my grandfather, Tom Madden. Tom became a journalist who eventually achieved the position of Vice President of NBC in the early 1980’s and who has also partnered with the great designer George Lois from Esquire Magazine. My great-uncle, Don Madden, who also was an artist, had a successful career as Playboy Magazine’s top cartoonist getting his work published every month for 50 years straight. Now, it is my turn to continue this artistic legacy as an aspiring fashion photographer currently located in South Florida.

I grew up in New York and spent most of my childhood in the rural area surrounding the Hudson River Valley while spending most of my weekends visiting New York City. My mother, Adrienne Mazzone, encouraged my sister Sirena and I to act and model as far back as we can remember. I was an actor on shows such as Law And Order: Criminal Intent, The Sopranos, and films such as Riding In Car With Boys as well as a large number of short films by various companies and students from the New York Film Academy. This aided in developing my eye for artistic imagery in photography as well as the art of cinematography. Little did I know, this would help me greatly in developing my style as a photographer more than a decade later.

Unfortunately, less than a decade later, my father John Mazzone, passed away in September of 2004 due to cancer. This was hard for me to accept since it was only the start of middle school for me and I was left with so many questions about life un-answered. I always looked up to my father as a creative, hardworking man and someone who was full of life. He was a master of glasswork as a glazier and made stained-glass art in his spare time, as well as building a two story home from the foundation up for my family and I to live in. Once my father passed away, I decided to not only live life to the fullest but to capture it and transform it into something beautiful as my dad would’ve done if he still had the chance.

I have been busy working since the age of 14 and did not consider myself an artist until after I moved to South Florida and graduated high school in 2009. I have dozens of sketchbooks filled with drawings and canvases of graffiti inspired artwork and typography. At the start of discovering my artistic talents I began drawing and painting to not only take up my spare time but to also act as a form of therapy in mourning the passing of my father. Graffiti and urban art inspired me the most during these times and eventually I became infatuated with creating pieces of art that provoked change or made people question how they saw the world. I wanted to promote independent thinking and an anti-conformist mentality more than anything at that point.

Eventually, the inspiration that started with graffiti in South Florida continued to grow and led me to move back up north to Brooklyn, New York during the years 2012-2013. This is where I met and studied with artists who were fully dedicated to the life and the hustle of graffiti art, as well as photography. After I observed, learned, and compared my artwork to theirs, I began to see how much potential there was in my artwork and switched my major in college over from Business to Graphic Design and pursue a degree at Florida Atlantic University.

During the time at FAU, I took every art elective that I could and studied mostly in the areas of graphic design and photography. Through all of my studies, it wasn’t until I took the class ‘History of Photography’, where the two artists that influenced him the most were discovered. They were Richard Avedon and Edward Steichen; Vogue Magazine’s past photographers, who essentially transformed the world of fashion photography in the mid 1900’s. This is when I began to channel my vision and started to develop a style of photography that emulated those artists and remained creative and attempted to be as original as possible. From that point on, I felt a natural gravitation towards the field of fashion photography just as Steichen and Avedon did.

I will graduate December of 2016 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio Art and a Minor Degree in Communications from Florida Atlantic University. Then I will fully embrace my place in this world as a photographer and make every possible effort to inflict change through my photography. That is the dream that I have and will forever continue to chase.