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  • Name: Ryan Morton
  • Height: 71.0
  • Chest Size (Optional): 37.0
  • Waist Size (Optional): 32.0
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Shoe Size (Optional): 10.5
  • Activities: Acting and Singing

Model Videos


Ryan Caeser Morton, better known as Zone4, is an American recording artist and military
contractor from Jacksonville, FL. Zone4 first gained recognition following the release of
his own spin on Wiz Khailfa’s “Kid Frankie.”

While working as a promoter for Formatta, a band also from Jacksonville, Zone4 was
asked to open for them, an offer he couldn’t refuse. The success of his performance in
front of a large, energetic audience pushed him to begin working on an EP in search of
major label recognition. This was put on hold when Zone4’s music was financially haulted
after losing his nine to five, but the passion and practice never waivered.

A career change into becoming a military contractor gave Zone4 the opportunity to
continue building his love for music and complete his EP titled “Cold Summer.” During
his travels overseas he gained radio play from major platforms in Guam & Saipan. Zone4
is currently touring, working on new singles and completing his untitled debut album.