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  • Name: Raziel Martin
  • Age: 1996-12-15
  • Height: 182.0
  • Shoe Size (Optional): 11.5
  • Dress Size (Optional): 34



Raziel Martin was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2001. Son of the Master Illusionist/Magician, Alexander Blade and raised in Hialeah, Florida, after leaving Argentina in 2005. At the age of 7 he began his training Martial Arts training in Karate until the age of 14, when he received an honorary Black Belt. After years of Karate training, he went on to do Mixed Martial Arts for 6 mouths and after that he went on to training in parkour. He is an exemplary young man and student, currently in the 11 grade in High School. He is available for Martial Arts shows and competition. Raziel emphasizes the importance of physical health from the spirit, but it’s obvious from his overall dedication that his Physique will inspire and attract the entertainment industry as an aspiring model/actor, which has become his next passion in the arts.

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