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  • Name: Ojani Noa
  • Age: 30-45
  • Height: 2.0


Celebrity, Model, Actor, Business Entrepreneur, Producer, Writer
Ojani’s, who was born in Havana Cuba, passion for Sports and Entertainment begins at an early age. In his earlier years, Ojani begins Boxing on the streets of Playa/Havana, his love of Boxing also lead him to learn the Art and discipline of Karate, where he was accepted by his school’s Karate team. After a few years of training, Ojani began focusing on his other passion, which was swimming. In that capacity, he was also accepted by the school’s Swimming Team. He then worked very hard training and became one of the Best in his team, winning several awards and Medals of Honor Diplomas as one of the best swimmers in the Island of Cuba. He was then accepted into the College, where all the best swimmers of his country attended. Soon after the coaches of the Water Polo National Juvenile Team, were doing scouting for the next team, and Ojani was once again accepted and became a part of the National Juvenile Water Polo Team, where they went on to win lots of National Awards of Merit.

At age of 15, Ojani and a few of his friends planned and decided to flee the Island of Cuban, to seek freedom from the oppression of the Communist Government that had reigned in his Island since he was born. They escaped in a makeshift raft and headed towards freedom water and on to his dream of arriving safely in the USA. After a long and dangerous journey across the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean, they were rescued and brought to the USA where Ojani immediately began his pursuit to earn a living. Right away, he began working in different jobs as he attended school. One of those jobs was at the famous Cuban Restaurant “Larios on The
Beach”, owned by the Larios Family and Emilio-Gloria Estefan, where he also meets his future ex-wife, Jennifer Lopez. It was in those days, in South Beach’s Fashion arena that he quickly found his other true calling “Modeling and Acting”, and he was sought and signed by Irene Marie Modeling Agency, which was one of the top Agencies in those days. Upon signing, Ojani began to appear in prestigious print and advertising publications, such as “Marie Claire” as one of the main Models for a photo shoot campaign.
Ojani Later appeared on several Spanish popular shows for different Spanish Networks such as “Univision and Telemundo”, participating in many of their shows, such as “Caliente”, “Hombre Ideal”, “Buscando Una Estrella”, and various other talk shows. He was also extra in some of the Movies filmed in Miami at the time, like “The Specialist”, “Too Much” and various Telenovelas for Spanish Television.

As the years went on, Ojani was now appearing on more and more shows, also as a Host, doing Runway Modeling for several Designer’s. Ojani also has appeared on several well known Magazines editorials and TV appearances. Ojani also found his other Passion in Restaurants, as he was building his Entertainment credits. He divided his time and worked in both careers as he found our that Business and Entertainment worked hand in hand. He decides to move to Los Angeles, California, where he lands an opportunity to become one of the main Partners, Creative forces and Production Designer, helping to launch a Restaurant, where Ojani was and still is one of the Owners, known as the famous Conga Room in LA. In the last few years, Ojani was hired to help open more than 5 Restaurants, with American, Cuban and even German cuisines.