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  • Name: Danila Sigal
  • Height: 65.0
  • Other Activity: Inspirational Songwriter and Speaker / Beauty and Health Brand Ambassador / Corporate Executive / Humanitarian / Breast Cancer Awareness Advocate



Danila Sigal, a corporate executive who had a long tenure at Procter & Gamble, Consumer
& Market Knowledge (CMK), across various high rank positions (CMK Director, Global
Duracell; CMK Director, Latin America Region), is a mix of left-brain analytical thinking
with right-brain visionary & creative abilities, currently blending all this experience as
ambassador for music, health, fashion or beauty related fields.
Most of her career was centered in understanding low-income markets worldwide and
translating that knowledge into winning strategies. She played a fundamental role in
carving the Latin America corporate vision & roadmap to get the Region back into a growth
trend, co-leading multi-functional teams for two strategic pillars (Low Income Consumers
& Superior Branding). In Duracell, her focus was bringing the P&G “consumer is boss”
culture to further enhance that acquired brand’s global understanding. As a retiree, Danila
is now member of the Global P&G Alumni Network; and was invited as speaker in the
TEDx Geneva event hosted by P&G under the theme: “Reality Check” (YouTube video
with over 70,000 views).
She is considered an inspirational & charismatic leader, with special talent in
accomplishing results via building high-performance organizations, in favor of consumer
well-being. She has a multi-cultural background, speaks several languages, concerned
with humanitarian causes, especially cancer research behind her own diagnosis, walking
an incredible ordeal of metastatic recurrences, surgeries, radiation, and chemotherapy,
colloquially narrated in her memoir “MY FOUR SEASONS”. Today, still in the battle, Danila
stands up firm with a contagious positive attitude, which she uses to impulse others in
facing difficulties by giving more attention to fulfilling aspects of life and encouraging
patients to take a proactive role in their own healing. In recognition to her work and
resilience, was selected by the Susan Komen Foundation as one of its “Faces of Warriors”
Further, Danila is also a sensitive songwriter, motivated by her father, a classical prodigy
of his time, to use her passion for music as another vehicle to express her life-lessons as
she battles cancer. Executive producer and mastermind creator of a one-of-a-kind
catalogue of inspirational multi-genre songs of her authorship (music & lyrics), brought to
life via a team of Grammy winner/nominee musicians, which coupled with her yearly
unique artistic photographic BC Awareness Campaigns (“Tócate”, “Attitude”, “Gratitude”,
“Stand Up”, “Piensa en Grande”), Danila has transformed an experience which could be
considered as “difficult” into a catharsis from which emerges not only her own reflections,
but also the possibility of sharing them with others.
Although Danila prefers to stay “backstage” and focus on composition, she occasionally
sings her own songs, or leverages the vocal versatility of world-class artists from Berklee
College of Music like Evan, Jess, Filip, or Latin talents like Sara Chesneau, reggaetón
vocalist Tito Gomez, and of course, her nephew Johnny Sigal (renowned for his role as
Jesus in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical Jesus Christ Superstar). Her repertoire has hit
all worldwide music digital platforms (reaching to date over 460,000 singles’ streaming),
with her story featured in over 100 combined TV shows (CNN, Telemundo, Univision,
etc.), Radio programs & Press articles, across key Hispanic markets, especially Miami
and Puerto Rico (“Tu Llegada” positioned in the Top 15 Billboard charts).
Most of these releases count with several music videos, behind-the-scenes footage, and
motivational content, that can be enjoyed in YouTube (with over 1 Million compound
views), produced by her company Sigal Productions or via the renowned Octopustudio
Los Angeles & Miami.
Danila is a registered songwriter in SESAC Latina, and Voting Member of LARAS (Latin
Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences / Latin Grammy), as well as Winner Honorable
Mention 2014 in the International Songwriting Competition (selected Top 16 in the Latin
Category, among over 18,000 contestants); Semi-Finalist 2015 (song “Vive Hoy”) and
Semi-Finalist 2016 (song “Tu Llegada Balada”).

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Instagram: danisigalinspire

You Tube Channel: Sigal Productions

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