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About Model Agency

TransMedia Versatile Talent Agency is a subsidiary division of TransMedia Group, a Public Relations firm founded in 1981 in Boca Raton, Florida by Sir Thomas Madden, who was formerly a VP at ABC and NBC Television Networks, in NY. As a PR Executive on the inside of TV, he led major campaigns, taking some of the top television shows of those days’ ratings to the top of the charts. After ending his tenure in network television and moving to Florida with Angela, who is his beloved wife and business partner, he decides to starts-up the TransMedia PR brand in Boca Raton, spending more than three decades to date, building public relations sources and reliable media resources to his prestigious TMG firm. The firm, which has been well -known since inception and greatly respected, is considered to be the go-to PR firm for leveraging publicity for some of the most prestigious names and brands not only in the USA but on a global scale. Shortly after Madden landed his first client in Florida, which was AT& T, he began spinning stories for some of the rich and famous, among other corporate clients that would almost always attract mainstream media ‘s attention with Maddens’ unique touch, and natural talent for creative writing. He further evolved into writing and authoring some of his own books, one being titled, the Spinnman, which set the stage for others to learn the art and finesse of good public relations. He becomes known as the expert in the industry that can take a no-name brand and spin it around to make it a household name.